Heat Proofing in Pakistan

Water Seal Heat Proofing Products can assist in reducing the internal temperature of buildings, helping to reduce cooling costs for air conditioned buildings, and saving you money! Our product can be applied to Tiled, Metal, & Cement Roofs, and Timber, Brick, and Cement Walls. It can also be applied to many external structures, such as metal storage tanks, piping, and even Canvas.

Our target is to reduce internal temperatures within buildings during the hottest summer days. Water Seal Expert assists In Keeping the Heat Out and Saving You Money.

WATER SEAL’S CHEMICAL is a high-performance heat insulation surface coating a rapidly growing company specializing in value-engineered polymer based coating solutions and roof heat proofing solutions for over a decade. WATER SEAL promises to reduce transfer of heat from outside to inside and makes the house, working place comfortable by keeping them cool in summer. An advanced polymer based research product, WATER SEAL’S CHEMICAL can drastically reduce the energy consumption and cost required for cooling a home, warehouse, metal building, industrial or commercial structure by keeping the interior cooler by at least 10 degrees Celsius. An engineering marvel, WATER SEAL’S CHEMICAL can prevent more than 95% of solar radiation from being absorbed in to the structure thus providing protection against thermal shocking, lengthening the life-span of buildings and reduces the effect of sun.