Wall Heat proofing

If you are experiencing hot living situation in summer or cold conditions in winter, and the related high energy bills, then let Water Seal Experts provide you the best Heat Proofing solutions.

Extended use of air conditioners in summer or heaters in winter leads to high electricity bills, but there are ways to help trim down these large energy costs and boost your comfort at the same time.  Installing thermal home insulation is the most considerable action you can take toward creating  a more economical and comfortable home surroundings.

Because the factors that can influence heat gain and loss in a home can be complex,  widow  tinting , ventilation, roof colour, flooring and shading to mention a few, we always recommend having an experienced insulation professional attend your home to advise. However, heat proofing by correctly installing thermal home insulation and pairing this with shading devices over windows, it’s possible to reduce direct sunlight heat and minimize your need for air conditioning in summer. If you already have home insulation installed in your ceiling and are still experiencing extreme conditions within your home,  it is advisable to ensure  the insulation has not deteriorated over time or that the  R-value is correct for the climate zone you live in,  as it may be beneficial to top up your current home insulation level, or replace it with a higher ‘R’ Value.

At the same time as exterior wall insulation is also highly beneficial, for existing homes this generally requires the removal of plasterboard and is not economically practical in most cases, however, for homes that are built suspended from the ground, underfloor insulation is very practical and can be highly beneficial.